Well-aligned management units are 2x more likely to deliver above-average financial performance.

But the research also tells us that too many leadership teams aren't tightly in-sync.

Early days in an investment, momentum matters. And momentum is only possible if your portfolio company’s leadership team is on the same page.

Learn the 6 essential questions that any growth story depends on... and help your portfolio company teams to get aligned, get focused, and win as one.

It is tough to go exciting places if your team isn't rowing in the same direction. And many aren't.

Too often, leadership teams get out of sync, and in certain cases, were never in-sync in the first place.

And they can cause real frustration for ambitious leaders and investors, tons of wasted energy among the team, and massive missed opportunity for the business.

I have spent my career working with growth-stage leadership teams. And along the way, I noticed a pattern:

When a company’s growth sputters in this way, it could often be traced back to its leadership team being unclear or out-of-sync on 6 very simple, but very essential questions.

Learn the 6 Questions that growth-stage leadership teams need to be aligned on.

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